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What is VoLI?

The KNoW monitor, the VoLI™, is a multi-patented wearable that collects, identifies, and alerts to biomarkers that signal a seizure is about to happen. The human body is releasing data about our health in the form of VOCs emitted through the skin. Until KNoW, the ability to read this data could only be done in the lab using copy machine-sized devices.

What is a volatile organic compound (VOC)?

Volatile organic compounds are molecules released from the human body through sweat, saliva, and exhalation breath. There are hundreds of VOCs admitted from the human body. All health conditions have a unique VOC signature. This is what dogs are alerting to when they predict a seizure in advance, warn of an oncoming migraine, or detect cancer.

How does the VoLI work?

The VoLI is a three-stage detection system consisting of several miniaturized chemical sensing technologies. The process starts with a patch about the size of a large watch face, with a thin film of synthetic material that captures VOCs from the user’s skin. The collected chemicals are separated using gas chromatography and then identified using miniature ion mobility spectrometer technology. Each stage will increase overall system sensitivity or selectivity.

The system produces a high-reliability diagnostic that users can trust. The monitor weighs less than one pound and is readily portable to give users full freedom of movement. 

When will the VoLI be on the market?

Q4, 2024
We will soon start accepting pre-orders for the VoLI. Look for additional information on this website about how to reserve your spot on the list. 

How much will the VoLI cost?

The science is continuing to evolve as we ready the VoLI for the market. We are working to get the price of the VoLI to a point that is affordable for all users.

What size is the VoLI?

The VoLI prototype is under one pound and about the width and height of a cell phone. 

How is the VoLI different than other monitors?

The VoLI currently has 12 patents, both for the first application, epilepsy, and the coming- soon general health monitor. There is no practical technology, other than KNoW, that is currently available capable of predicting and warning the user of an oncoming health episode. 

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