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Progress Update l June 2023

The short messages we use to describe KNoW Biological and our Seizure Detection Monitor:

What the Company does:

KNoW Biological makes a wearable monitor that can alert people who have epilepsy to seizures before they happen. This critical early warning allows a user time to prepare for the vulnerabilities caused by a seizure by getting somewhere safe and communicating with family, friends, or healthcare providers.

What the Monitor does:

The KNoW monitor is a multi-patented wearable that collects, identifies, and alerts to biomarkers that signal an epileptic seizure is about to happen. Data about our health is released through the skin in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Until KNoW, the ability to read this data could only be done in the lab using copy machine-size devices.

Progress Report:

This week, Sandia National Laboratories started circulating a press release about our accomplishments with our monitor (the VoLI.) We expect it will get picked up by some news outlets and get good distribution. While we at KNoW typically like to fly under the radar, this release tells the story, and we’re kind of proud of it. To clarify a fact mentioned in the article, we now have ten patents…not four! Anyway, here’s the link to one of the first news sites that ran the story:

And the YouTube video that was included in the story:

We have a working prototype and a design that continues to get smaller and lighter. That’s a great thing. The more comfortable it is, the more people will want to wear it. When we first started, we hoped to keep the device to around five pounds with dimensions allowing it to fit in a fanny pack or something similar. Now, it seems likely that the device will weigh less than .75 pounds (be sure to notice the point in .75!)

We’ve made the seizure detection monitor work; now we must make it mass-producible and easy to use…and get it to the market as quickly as possible. To do so, we need to determine if we can simplify the monitor by replacing several components with smaller, simpler ones that Sandia has now developed. The results would be that our monitor would be easier to build, more robust, and less expensive. There is a high confidence that we can make this change. And we must finalize the design to ensure our monitor has the smallest footprint possible.


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